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CJAY Trailers Office and Job Site CJAY Trailers Inc., 250 Thatcher Drive E., Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan S6H 4P6 
Phone: (306) 694-0445 / Fax: (306) 694-0446 
CJAY Trailers
Office and Job Site
CJAY Trailers Models Available:
CJAY Trailers
  CJ816-78-T35, CJ816-78-T60
  CJ820-78-T60, CJ824-78-T60
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110 Volt Wiring Package

  1) 110 Volt Wiring Package

Turning your trailer into a real work site trailer may require the addition of 110 volt wiring and CJAY can deliver. This package includes 50 amp panel box, 25 ft. long shore line, interior and exterior receptacles, fluorescent lighting and wall switches.

Insulation Package

  2) Insulation Package

Adding wall, ceiling and floor insulation will allow these trailers to be ready for summer or winter. Foam board insulation is used on the walls and ceilings with spray on foam insulation covering the complete underside of the trailer. Adding this package to your trailer will ensure that you are ready for any season.

Fluorescent Lighting

  3) Fluorescent Lighting

Once you have added the electrical package, choose your lighting. CJAY offers a variety of fluorescent lights to suit any need.

Electric Heaters

  4) Heaters and A/C package

Either 1000 watts or 1500 watts electric heaters and/or an air conditioner are available for CJAY trailers. When combined with the 110 volt wiring and insulation packages, this option will turn your trailer into the year-round work place that will make your job easy.

White Board Walls and Ceiling

  5) White Board Walls and Ceiling

Some job site or office trailers require a little more, CJAY understands those needs. White board can be added to the interior walls and ceilings that will brighten and enhance the appearance of your trailer.

Lino Flooring

  6) Lino Flooring

When deciding on how you want your trailer to look, consider the addition of lino flooring for that finishing touch. Available in several material grades and colours lino flooring can transform your temporary office into a complete onsite work center.


  7) Windows

Various sizes of windows are available on all CJAY models of trailers. These windows feature a slider complete with screen for fresh air flow and will allow outside light to illuminate to interior of your trailer.

Interior Partition Walls

  8) Interior Partition Walls

Creating your own unique space is often needed to ensure that the work get's done. Interior partitions and doors are available which allow you to create a separate office area away from the general work or tool areas inside your trailer. On larger trailers, two or more can be added to better suit your needs.

LED Lighting Package

  9) LED Lighting Package

The addition of LED lighting on your trailer will not only enhance the trailers overall appearance but will increase the longevity of your lights thereby reducing maintenance costs. LED or light emitting diode lights offer 10 times the standard bulb life of conventional lighting and are extremely bright which allows traffic to easily identify your trailers movement in advance.

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