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Successful dealers come in many shapes and sizes and can be located in various markets. Below are a few key characteristics that set apart successful dealers from their less successful counterparts.

  • On-Hand Inventory with a variety of sizes of trailers
  • A location with highly visibility and high traffic
  • Trailer service and repair centre
  • Available stock of various replacement trailer parts
  • A knowledgeable sales staff
  • Excellent customer service
  • Organized trailer storage lot


Is there a minimum amount of inventory required to become a dealer for CJay Trailers?
Yes, minimum initial inventory amounts are required to become a dealer and may vary depending on the market size and the opportunity near you. We will with each dealer to establish a reasonable initial level.

How large of a territory/sales area will I have if I become a dealer?
Sales areas are determined on an individual basis. Some factors that help determine a sales area include: market size, population, dealer’s location and facilities and stocking inventory levels.

How does CJay Trailers ship trailers to my location?
We work with several independent commercial carriers and can assist with finding the most cost-effective carrier to your location. A typical shipment of trailers is delivered to the dealer on a 53′ step-deck semi-trailer. Dealers may also choose to arrange their own shipping or can decide to pick up directly from our manufacturing plant.

Do I need any equipment to unload trailers when they are shipped to me?
Dealers use a variety of methods to unload trailers. Some dealers have the luxury of having an over-head crane or hoist but the most popular method of unloading trailers is utilizing a forklift. A 8,000-10,000lb capacity forklift is recommended with at least 8′ fork extensions.