How does a CJay trailer differ from other cargo trailers?

Trailers built to handle Canada’s weather.
For starters, CJay Trailers are manufactured in Canada and we build our trailers to withstand the harsh and varying changes in our seasons. From plus 40 to minus 40 and everything in between means that a trailer needs to be constructed differently and CJay understand those differences.

Strongest in the industry.
The steel structural frame of a CJay is the key to our trailers. We manufacture trailers that are strong enough for years of trouble-free use and we do that by having the toughest trailer frame in the industry. If the inner steel frame of a trailer is weak, bends and/or twist when going down the road, the trailer will start to fail in numerous areas and cause costly breakdowns and mounting frustration for the user.

The details count.
Rubber mounted lighting, electrical connections that are soldered and heat shrink sealed and even undercoating the bottom side of the trailer all work to increase the longevity of a trailer and CJay does that on every trailer we manufacture!

Why does CJay Trailers use 3M VHB bonding tape to secure the outside aluminum sheeting when manufacturing trailers?

Avoid corrosion and prolong your trailer life.
There are several reasons why we manufacture trailers this way but two main ones that really matter. Not only does the 3M VHB bonding tape secures each panel to the wall uprights but it separates the aluminum sheeting from the steel structural frame which is very important as the two materials are dis-similar and if not properly separated, it will lead to corrosion which will deteriorate the exterior aluminum sheeting.

The panels stay put.
Secondly, it is a very secure method of holding the exterior firmly in place. 3M is the leader in the VHB technology, and their products have been proven to be simply the best in the market. Once the aluminum panels are put into placed and pressed onto the VHB bonding tape they are held securely and the panels will remain so for the life of the trailer!

Avoid moisture damage.
Other brands that use screws or rivets to hold their panels are proving an area around each fastener where moisture or other contaminants can seep into the trailer and cause extensive damage.

What are the spacing on the crossmembers?

The crossmember spacings on a CJay are on 16” centers as are the wall upright and the roof bows. While 24” spacings will commonly be used on many other brands of cargo trailers, the increased strength provided by 16” spacings is important for maximizing the life span of a cargo trailer. Having a strong and rigid trailer frame means less wear and tear on all areas of a trailer such as rear door frames & side doors.

Does CJay only offer what I see is on website for trailer models?

CJay Trailers manufacturers a wide variety of trailer models in different capacities and sizes to meet needs for different industries and customers. While other brands offer a more cookie cutter approach to trailer models, what you see is what we offer, CJay can modify or even customize trailers to meet your exact needs. Years of experience in the trailer industry has taught us that not one size fits all so we are always ready and willing to listen to your ideas and thoughts on a trailer design that works for you!

The specifications on the website are general in nature, can I get more detailed specifications on particular models?

We would be pleased to provide detail specifications and even pricing on any of our trailers. Just call or email us and we will have those for you quickly! Every company claims to have great customer service, but we show it everyday in the way we interact directly with our customers.

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